Winter is Coming – Kitchen Warming Decorating Tips This Christmas.

Winter is coming, indeed it most certainly is upon us in the UK, and with temperatures continuing to plummet to below freezing and the weather turning wet and windy, many of us will be reluctant to head outside over the coming weeks choosing instead to stay warm and cosy inside our homes.

We’ll also be decorating our homes for Christmas. A large majority of us choose to decorate only our living and dining rooms as these are understandably the two rooms of the house where we spend the majority of our time; but what about our kitchens?

christmas turkey Winter is Coming   Kitchen Warming Decorating Tips This Christmas.

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas?

Considering the fact that Christmas brings with it a large focus on festive cookery; mulled wine, turkey dinners, home baked mince pies, and other tasty treats, we often neglect the kitchen as one of the most used rooms in our homes.

Considering the fact that we will inevitably spend so much time in our kitchen, it stands to reason that we should give it a little bit of TLC and prepare it for winter and beyond. The following tips should not only help you to give your kitchen a festive makeover, but will also make your kitchen look stunning all year round.

New Worktops

Never underestimate the enhancing power that new kitchen worktops can have in transforming your own kitchen. Because we specialise in supplying and installing granite, marble and quartz worktops, we can vouch wholeheartedly for the way that a seemingly simple change can help to transform your kitchen. We also highly recommend getting granite worktops installed, (if you already have them then well done to you!). Granite is extremely hard wearing, easy to clean, and looks fantastic. You’ll be able to carve up your Christmas turkey on it with the sharpest of blades and won’t even make a scratch.
We have a large selection of colours in our granite worktops range which you can see here and get an idea as to what your kitchen could look like.

light wood kitchen blue pearl granite worktop Winter is Coming   Kitchen Warming Decorating Tips This Christmas.

Adding a new worktop can breathe new life into your kitchen

A New Coat

No not a warm winter jacket, a coat of paint! Again, a really simple thing to implement, but incredibly effective at transforming the look and feel of your kitchen space – a fresh coat of paint has the ability to freshen up your kitchen, and if you choose colours like warm yellows, cream or light pastels you can emphasise the space which is available to you. If you like, you could also try having a ‘feature’ wall which is an entirely different colour to the rest of the walls in your room e.g. a deep wine red wall which offsets a cream base colour – this can help to enhance the warmth of a room and make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.


We all go through the joys of untangling our fairy lights at Christmas time, then spending ages finding the one dodgy bulb that trips the entire circuit, but the effort is totally worth it as we capture the magic of the season in the simple illumination of some twinkly LEDs.
Enhance your kitchen by running some plain white fairy lights around your units or even across the ceiling to give a real festive theme to your space, keep them up to add an ambient mood to your kitchen all year round.

Christmas lights 300x225 Winter is Coming   Kitchen Warming Decorating Tips This Christmas.

Christmas lights can help to light up your kitchen and add a real seasonal feel all year round

If you want to give your kitchen a new lease of life this winter, why not get in touch with us for more information on how we can help create your perfect kitchen? Click here to request a free, no obligation quote.